Online June 17, 2016

Who we are

Black-Asian is a multiethnic news media portal dedicated to providing high-quality content such as human interest stories, and articles related to race and culture, interracial dating, raising biracial/multiethnic children, internal cultural racism, globalization, music and entertainment, cultural history, addressing cultural stereotypes about Asian’s and Black’s people, supporting gay and lesbian interracial dating and relationships, and much, much more.
Our mission is to help better meet the needs of our community through content that inspires personal well-being and positive change in the world.


As the world awakens to an increase of interracial dating, biracial children, and multi-ethnic/multiracial families this has led to lack of collaborative resources in the new cultural community. Black-Asian is a professional publication containing high-quality news, media stories, op-eds, interviews, and informational resources for a multi-ethnic society.

Our editorial content:

  • Seeks to inspire and empower the Asian and Black communities, multi-ethnic and mixed communities, and multi-ethnic gay and lesbian communities;
  • Provides thought-provoking content;
  • Highlights and open dialogues of communication within and between the communities;
  • Encourages collaborative interaction and fosters a "learn from one another" environment.