Black-Asian is excited to announce…we are officially online!  


Welcome to Black-Asian were excite to meet you!

I bet you are wonder…what is Black-Asian and how will this website will benefit me?


Black-Asian are an online public relations communication web portal. Black-Asian’s primarily objective is dedicated to protecting, enhancing, informing and serving the public and the needs multiethnic individuals with Asian (Asian-Descent) and/or Black (African-Descent) ethnicity and cultural heritage through the media. We translate those messages into positive media stories and informational resources that foster communication, dialogue, and relationship-building between members of the community.


We aim to foster positive communication, dialogue, and relationship-building within and outside our Black/Asian community.

We provide online content that…

  • Seeks to inspire and empower Black/Asian multiethnic individuals;
  • Provides a unique mutually supportive space for Black/Asian multiethnic individuals to learn from one another;
  • Sustains and strengthens multicultural relationships and families.


Black-Asian is a low-profit limited-liability company that actively supports philanthropic ventures which contribute to social well-being (e.g. charitable, educational, religious, or other activities serving the public interest or common good).

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