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Posted 5 months ago

Cartoonists have a natural talent for drawing that may be further developed in a post-secondary art program. They may create single pane drawings, which comment on an issue or event, or publish a serial cartoon, which follows a character over a period of time. Their work may appear in on our website and in our publications.

Salary: Varies

Some cartoonists like to draw freehand, using a pencil to sketch their creation. The next step is digital since we are an online media company. The final drawing should be in the following formats .png, .jpg and svg.

Education and Training Requirements
Cartoonists must have excellent drawing skills. They need to be aware of what is happening in the world, especially if they want to be political cartoonists. High school courses in art, history, political science, government, and literature are especially important. Students may attend art school or pursue a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from a four-year college. Some political cartoonists get a bachelor’s degree in political science or journalism. Cartoonists may go to art school as well to study drawing, lettering, typography, and computer graphics. They learn to create a variety of cartoon types using different tools and media.

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